Designation of origin: Geographical name of a country, region or locality to designate a product originating from it.

Patent: Industrial property title conferring its holder a 20-year monopoly on the invention.

Industrial models and designs: The forms, presentations, and decorations given by the manufacturers to their products to capture customers.

Geographical Indication: Name that identifies a product as originating from a territory, region or place of that territory, where a quality, reputation or other given characteristic of the product may be essentially attributed to that geographical origin.

Trademark: Sign chosen by marketers to distinguish their products from those of competitors.

Collective Mark: Sign used to distinguish products or services of the members of an association or group.

Utility Models: Also called "small inventions", these are work instruments or objects intended to be used as new tools and susceptible of industrial application.

Trade name: Name under which a commercial, industrial, craft or agricultural establishment is known and exploited.

Intellectual Property: Set of exclusive rights on intellectual creations.