Original Training Materials

Image Title Author File
Overview of the International Intellectual Property System Prof. Graham DUTFIELD PDF icon 01-IP4GROWTH-International Intellectual Property Protection and Policy_US .pdf
IP in Agriculture: Patents and Plant Variety Protection Prof. Graham Dutfield PDF icon 02-IP4GROWTH TM1-Patents and plan varieties in agriculture_GD.pdf
Geographical Indications and Agricultural Community Development: Is the European Model Appropropiate for Developing Countries? Prof. Graham DUTFIELD PDF icon 03-IP4GROWTH TM1-GIs_GD.pdf
Le système des indications géographiques de l'OAPI M. Cécé KPOHOMOU PDF icon 05-IP4GROWTH TM1-IG-OAPI_CK.pdf
Trade Marks, Collective Marks and Unfair Competition Prof. Guido WESTKAMP PDF icon 06-IP4GROWTH TM1-TMs, Collective Marks, Unfair Competition_GW.pdf
Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions Prof. Uma SUTHERSANEN PDF icon 07-IP4GROWTH TM1-Traditional Cultural Expressions_US.pdf
IP Strategies, Licensing and Private International Law Prof. Guido WESTKAMP PDF icon 08-IP4GROWTH TM1-IP Strategies, Licenses and Private International Law-GW.pdf
Protection of Research Data Prof. Guido WESTKAMP PDF icon 09-IP4GROWTH TM1-Protection of Research Data-GW.pdf
Le système OAPI de la propriété intellectuelle M. Cécé KPOHOMOU PDF icon 10-IP4GROWTH TM1- SYSTEME-OAPI_CK.pdf
The Hoodia Story Prof. Graham DUTFIELD & Uma SUTHERSANEN PDF icon 11-IP4GROWTH TM1_Hoodiastory_US.pdf
Using IP to Promote Trade in Local Agricultural Products: The Experience of the Potato Park in Peru Prof. Graham DUTFIELD PDF icon 12-IIP4GROWTH TM1_PeruCaseStudy_GD.pdf